Can i get into UCR??

<p>I am a soon to be senior in high school and i want to know if i have a chance at getting into UCR. I plan to double major in Economics and stats.
-3.58 GPA
-Have done community service cleaning parks, can food drives and at Church
-I have helped babysit a baby 5 days a week since sophomore year
-I competed a year in Varsity Track
-I am part of Avid and Eaop clubs
-I plan to run for Avid president this up coming year
I want to know what my chances are. Thanx in advance!</p>

<p>its my weighted GPA and ill be taking the SAT in october as well as the ACT</p>

<p>My senior year i will be taking AP spanish/AP Government/ Digital Imaging/ Avid / AP statistics/ English Honors</p>

<p>You have a good chance, especially with those AP’s. Even if you don’t get in for regular admission you can be eligible.</p>

<p>Thanx i appreciate the replies</p>

<p>My 1st Sat was a 1370 but will retake it in october</p>