Can I get into UIUC Computer Engineering with GPA 3.76/5.28 (Unweighted/Weight), ACT 34 (Math 36)?

I am a junior. Projected GPA pending this year’s final grade is 3.76/5.28 (Unweighted/Weight), ACT 34 (Math 36), SAT Math IIC 780, SAT II Chem 750. This fall, I am planning to apply to UICU Computer Engineering. My major concern is about my GPA. I had 3Bs in 9th grade, 1B in 10th Grade, and will be straight this junior year. My course work has always the most challenging, with 1 AP class in 10th grade, 4 AP classes this junior year, and 5 AP classes for my senior year. Except PE and Band, all my classes since 9th grade have been all honors or AP with no exception. I think I have an upward trend in my GPA. I have won 1st places in both 2016 and 2017 state chemistry Olympics (on chemical engineering projects not tests). I am not sure whether the award in Chemistry helps with my applications for computer science which I assume will be more about physics. To explore and demonstrate my interest in computer science, I will be going to UPenn this summer for a computer science summer camp as well as in Purdue for an engineering camp. I’d really appreciate your advises as I am trying narrow down my selections. Thank you.

Only piece of advice is apply early. You have great stats but do Early Decision to increase your probability. Rest depends a lot on how you package the whole application.

Yeah you should have a good chance. I got into Eng CS with somewhat similar stats and CE isn’t as hard to get in. That being said it’s still pretty competitive so apply early action and apply to lots of other places as well.

Thank you so much! Do you what is the acceptance rates for CS at UIUC these days?

Thank you. Are you a UIUC student?

Yeah Im a current student. It’s very low nowadays, depending on what yield numbers you believe, I’ve heard between 5-20% for UIUC CS CoE.

Thanks again!