can i get into UMASS

<p>i live in California
want to major in pre law
GPA 3.5 weighted
3 AP classes 2 more senior year
SAT1 1970
SATII Lit 670 USH 700
4 year hospital volunteer 6 year school board volunteer
1 year of work experience
professional figure skater
trained for guitar, chinese violin, and vocals
performed 6 times at a live historic theater
member of JSA, MUN. ASB, leadership, and youth and government
fluent in english and mandarin after classes i am now also fluent in french
really good teacher rec as well as counselor</p>

<p>I think you stand an excellent chance. They want out of state, you have a healthy GPA and SAT score so i think you're in. Good luck!</p>

<p>please stop posting your chances, this board is not that active and doesnt have the room to be filled with multiple threads. </p>

<p>trust me, you are out of state, from california, with good ec's, a decent average GPA, and a really good SAT.</p>

<p>You'll get in but to let you know I'm a current Legal Studies and Political Science major and their isnt a major known as pre law on campus. Although there is a pre law advising office for those who wish to go to law school.</p>