Can I get into UMD?

Here’s my college admission info:
SAT (CR+M)=1120
GPA: 3.8 in HS and a 4.0 in Community College classes (20 credits I took during HS)
I have 1 brother there on the Deans list and another going there this fall, and I’m an out of state student.
I have a few AP classes and lots of ECs including community service all 4 years!
I also have teacher recommendations from someone affiliated with UMD and teachers at the CC I went to.

Be honest–what are my chances really? UMD is my #1 school choice.
Thanks :smiley:

You need to bring up those SAT scores or take the ACT. How do you have a 3.8 GPA and 4.0 in CC courses and have scores that low ?

Otherwise, you would have to have enough CC credits to transfer or go to UMBC, UMES, and then transfer. Montgomery College has a direct path to UMd.

What is your in-state school ? With 3 at UMd, your family should move to Md.

Standardized tests are difficult for me :stuck_out_tongue: However since I live in CA I have plenty of instate schools. What do you suggest if I can’t take the SATs again?