can i get into unc greensboro?

<p>im a senior and i first applied in the fall with a 2.5 gpa and got denied. but i finished this semester wl a 3.0 gpa which brought my overall gpa up to a 2.7. i've been sending them new information and an explaination of my grades since i miss 2 months of school every year. do you think i could get in?</p>

<p>1 act score 18
1 sat score 1220
2 sat score 1210</p>

<p>somebody gonna help me answer my question :/ ?</p>

<p>I know how it feels to have a post with questions and nobody answer but my mom went to uncg. it's not that hard to get in but it's not easy. it's about average but maybe since you showed progress you'll get in. Do you have any community service hours or extracurricular activities ?</p>

<p>Is that your overall SAT score or is that just math and reading ?</p>

<p>You have a good shot</p>