Can I get into UNF

Hi! I would like to know your thoughts of my chances of being admitted to the University of North Florida.
I am a junior and live in Texas but have the Florida Prepaid Plan, I am Jewish, and am majoring in music education.
My private trombone instructor personally knows the music teacher there and he said that he will definitely talk about me to him. My GPA isn’t great, its only a 3.22, but my SAT score is a 1250. I plan on applying this June, for the summer term. I have taken no AP/Honor/Dual Credit classes in high school, but I will take AP English 4 and AP Econ for my senior year. I play trombone at my local synogouge, which can be volunteer hours. I am also in a community symphony, and rank third out of 21 members of my section in the high school band, and and am 2nd chair in the jazz band. Any input on chances of being admitted to UNF would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!