Can i get into University of Miami or University of Tampa??

<p>Hi I am trying to get into either University of Miami or University of Tampa. These are the only schools I am concentrating on getting into because of the locations and that they are private institutions. I am completing my AA degree at the end of the Fall 2010 semester. I will have 61 credits for General Business with a 2.27 GPA. As far as my GPA goes, I dropped out of a major college originally because I did the whole party thing and I let it get between me and school. The last three semesters I have averaged 3.8 GPA so I hope they take that into consideration. I am asian, work 30 hrs a week, have been doing 40 hrs of community serivice per month for the past 4 months. As far as high school, I was involved in SADD, FBLA (president for 2 yrs), French Honors Society, Spanish Honors Society, and the German Club. For FBLA, I competed in a district competition and placed 3rd for Business Procedures and advanced to the state competition. I was involved with the varsity football team, tennis team, and cross county team as well. I know the GPA initially does not show my potential but maybe if UM notices the trend I have had lately they may overlook it. Should I try to meet with an administrator from UM and request an interview and try to impress? Please anything would help! Also, if either institutions care about social standing I am very well off so I hope that could play into my favor as well. Thanks and hope to hear from some of you soon!!!!</p>

<p>~ Transfer's dream!</p>

<p>can someone plz respond to this i need input!</p>

<p>IDK about Tampa. Quite honestly, I've never heard about it. U of M is an over glorified slacker school. The only reason so many people know about it is thanks to their football team Academically speaking FSU is alot better. GO SEMINOLES <3</p>

<p>I read "University of Miami" and just had to reply. lol.
I have no experience chancing, but I can tell you that UM will pay very little attention to your HS record since you have over 30 credits. I have a contact @ UM, she once told me that showing an upward trend, even from a 2.7, could potentially show more academic personal growth than the typical 3.6 to 3.75 she's always hearing about. I'm in a very similar situation (sans partying) and she just told me to address it in the essay. Admissions officers aren't mind readers, they're just people.</p>

<p>I don't know if UM offers interviews for transfers. If you live in the area, just pop in during their down time...You know, anytime that isn't near a deadline and meet people in the admissions office. Simply introducing yourself and casually talking to a few officers could make you more memorable than another interview. Plus, it's more casual so there's no stress.</p>

<p>Definitely University of Tampa, I know peer of mine who had a 2.8 and got in.</p>