Can I get into University of Washington-Seattle?

Unweighted GPA-3.406, Mostly due to family and personal issues explained in another part of the application.
One AP Class: AP US History, Score: 4
Took four Honors classes Junior Year. Will take 6 senior year.
Extracurriculars- Director of Gospel Choir, National Honor Society, Youth Health Service Corps, Track and Field, Marquette Upward Bound Program, Medical College of Wisconsin Step-Up Program, Web Design Internship, Volunteering at Hospital and Habitat for Humanity, MKE Fellowship Program, and prior part-time jobs.
Awards- Honor Roll, Wisconsin Association of Music Award, Best English Student, and ACT WorkKeys Certified Gold Level
Excellent Personal Statement
Out of State Applicant

Yes, you should be admitted to UW-Seattle, however, there are some majors such as CS to which you are unlikely to be admitted.

did you get accepted to UWash? which school you ended up going?