Can I get into William and Mary, UVA, NYU, UCLA, UFl

GPA (weighted): 3.72 without senior year, 3.9 with senior (constant rise from freshman to senior)
ACT: 34
ECs: - Treasurer of photography club

  • Patrol leader and scribe of boy scouts (life scout)
  • Multiple hours of community service
  • Theatre, won and competed in multiple national competitions, both acting and technician
  • Feminism club
  • Gay straight alliance
  • National honor society
  • International thespians society
  • JV track and field
  • AP Scholar Award with Honors
  • Publication in local newspaper
  • Stellar and impassioned, proofread and loved by many of my friends and parents/adults
  • Great two-year teacher rec, phenomenal theatre teacher rec (UVA alumni), and phenomenal counselor rec
  • Submitted portfolio of singing, visual arts, and photography to UVA and William and Mary


Forgot to add that I took 8 AP classes and 4 honors

I think GPA is too low for UCLA/UVA/WM, bit low for NYU too. What state are you in?


Also i’ve already been accepted into jmu, vcu, and fordham

I would say your GPA is a little low for WM as well. What school is UFI? like the full name of it?

university of florida

Oh. I live in Florida the correct acronym is UF just for future reference. You’ll probably get better search results if you search UF on here. Your act score makes you competitive to get in there.

Also your gpa contrasted with your rigorous courses is a good sign!

Thanks for the correction, lol, yeah I took a lot of AP’s to fix my gpa and I got 4s and 5s on all the tests.