Can I get opinions on Whitworth and Azusa Pacific?

<p>I have been accepted to both schools with relatively substantial merit scholarships? Can I get options on which school is more academically stimulating and which has a better student scene? Also, which one has a better overall all atmosphere and experience? Thanks!</p>

<p>Congratulations! Such an exciting time. Have you been able to visit both schools? My daughter visited both schools and they feel different. While I can’t give you student observations as she decided on a school other than these, here are some things to think about. </p>

<p>Clilmate- Whitworth has snow/cold from October to March. Depending what you are used to this can wear on you after a while. Also, in a warmer climate it was our observation that there were more students out and about, hanging out etc, while at Whitworth students were inside, we didn’t see a lot going on. While originally Whitworth was a top choice of my daughter she ended up preferring Azusa.</p>

<p>Weekends/Student Scene- We heard from multiple students that at Azusa many students leave on the weekends. This may or may not matter to you, depending on if it is your friends or not. We never thought to ask this at Whitworth. However, Whitworth is smaller. Azusa seemed to have a lot going on.</p>

<p>Academics-Azusa has an established Honors program that if you are part of, would increase the academic level. Whitworth has only just started theirs this year. My daughter was looking for not just an honors program, but honors housing as well, which Azusa offers, and Whitworth doesn’t (to my knowledge). My daughter had the opportunity to talk with professors in the Science department and was excited with the program and some of the pre-med opportunities they offered.</p>

<p>Campus- If you haven’t visited, Whitworth is a pretty, woodsy, small campus. Azusa has two campus’s The science/Arts/sports complex is on a newer contemporary feeling campus within walking distance but not attached to the original campus which has more greenery, is more intimate feeling, feels small and contained. There is a cute shuttle/trolley that takes students back and forth if they don’t want to walk/bike etc. My daughter liked the trolley and didn’t mind the layout. I have heard from some that they didn’t care for it at all.</p>

<p>Good Luck with your decision, I hope you can visit!</p>

<p>Thanks for the help. What you mentioned I will definitely take into consideration. Thanks again!</p>

<p>Can I jump in on this thread too? Would love to hear more about Azusa, esp from students and alums. it’s on my kid’s short list</p>

<p>I also want to apply to Azusa. But I’m scarred using get accepted. I am a high school senior. I would really want to go to Azusa Pacific. It is the only school I want to apply to. What worries me is that I have a cumulative 2.5 GPA. I got a 1180 in the SAT. I recently took the ACT which I think I did much better. I have taken 3 years of French but I also know Spanish. I have a medal for more than 100 service hours. I’m currently taking College Prep math and English. I’ve also done 2 years of track and field. I have been in two clubs. I am also Christian (APU is a Christian school). I want to major in nursing (RN) to become a Neonatal nurse. So I would really want to get accepted but will I? Will they accept me?</p>

<p>srivera96, I think if your ACTs were 24 or better you have a fairly decent shot of being accepted. Good luck!!!</p>