Can I get rescinded for not getting my IB Diploma?

Will I get rescinded from UCDavis if I fail my IB tests and not get my IB Diploma?

What does your admissions contract state? Not getting your IB Diploma or passing the exams should not be an issue other than not receiving any IB credit. Failing the classes however could get you rescinded.


If this is your only diploma, you could have a problem if you don’t pass. If you are getting a diploma from your high school as well as the IB diploma, it may not be an issue. Totally agree, though, that you should check with the admissions office at your school.

I do know someone who was rescinded at a foreign uni when she didn’t get the score she needed, but her acceptance was conditional, so there was no ambiguity.


It does not specifically say I need my IB Diploma so I think it is safe to say I do not need it as I will get my high school diploma. Thank you!


Please confirm this is the case with your AO.

Does it say you have to maintain your grades? If you don’t get your IB diploma because your point total from your grades is too low, you will likely be rescinded.

I emailed the AO, waiting for a response. Thank you all for the help!

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It does say I need to maintain grades but I have all As and Bs. What I get on IB exams does not count towards my GPA or grade.

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