Can I get to College?

It’s the end of my Junior Year and I have a 3.3 U/W GPA and a 4.33 Weighted GPA. I’m a part of several Clubs and other EC’s. There was an upward trend in my transcripts, (I was a mostly B with some A’s and few C Student my Freshmen and Sophomore year of High School due to Hardship) My Junior year I got Straight A’s and a 32 on my ACT’s. I really want to go to school out of state. (I currently live in Nebraska)

What are my chances?

Your chances are 100% !!!

For a meaningful answer, you’ll need to be more specific about your goals. Are there any schools in particular you’d like to attend? Kinds of schools? Particular states? Do you have financial restrictions?

I want to be a business major. I was looking into NYU but I’m afraid I don’t qualify. I would like to go somewhere warmer (California, Florida, Hawaii) but I wouldn’t mind going to New York, Illinois, or Maine. I don’t have any financial restrictions. I just want to attend a good college.