Can I go to CC and transfer to SVA in the junior year?

I have so many questions but this is one of the most important ones I have. I am international student , 17 yrs old , and I’m interested in animation , both 2D and 3D. I plan to go to an art school in New York because I have some relatives there.
The thing is I want to go to SVA but the fees are very expensive especially for international students and I have searched everywhere for the answers to my questions online but nothing is satisfactory. My relatives are not too familiar with this field so they have difficulty in helping me and since I am not there , in New York , I can’t see everything firsthand or go to inquire in person.
But so far , I am thinking of going to a community college first and transferring to SVA in the 3rd year of BFA(junior year).I want to know if SVA accept transfers from any community college in NY or if they only accept from some cc that are accredited by them.
Are Transfers most likely to get accepted?Can transfers get financial aid or scholarships even for junior year ? I want to also know clearly about the scholarship process - does the cc offer scholarships that can be used in art school or something?
Do I have to attend 3 yrs at SVA for bachelor , even after attending CC for 2 yrs ?
And the main question :can I transfer the credits from CC to SVA?

Okay, the last question I have is - Although I am emphasizing on SVA , I want to know if there are any other challenging animation schools in NY which are not costly but have intensive animation programs.

Thank you so much for whoever that answers and this is really important to me so I cannot thank you enough.