Can i go to the interview only myself?

<p>Well, I'm quite independent and my parents are really busy working.
And the interviewer want to meet my familys. Can I have the interview only by myself?
I mean I go to the interview location myself without my parents</p>

<p>I don't know abot going to an interview by yourself. But interviewers would love to meet your family and hear what they say about you to get different points of view. They want to know what you are like at home or anyplace else. I would take your family</p>

<p>I met a grandmother who interviewed in place of the parents who couldn't take off from work. I also know of an older(10 yrs older) brother who went to an interview for his younger sister. My guess is that you should bring someone from your family.</p>

<p>The school needs to know you have your parents' support for the decision to go to boarding school. If you show up by yourself and they never meet anyone from your family, they can't know that your parents agree with the decision.</p>

<p>They will also want to "interview" (really just talk) with your parents. They will ask them if they have any questions, how they feel about the idea of BS, etc.</p>

<p>Take a family member, it is going to be best. They like to talk to someone about you, get another viewpoint. Also, the family member interview can be a real lifesaver if you mess up somewhere. </p>

<p>It can be a sibling, close uncle or aunt, grandparents, etc. Also, even just a really close adult would work. My older sister one time brought her coach that she had a great relationship with to an interview when our parents were busy.</p>

<p>Maybe I missed something and it's a small logistical matter but how were you going to get to the interview?
Simply put, they will want to meet your parents and no, you should not go alone.</p>