Can I go to UC Davis with straight C's senior year

I was accepted to UCD and i plan attending, however my grades have fallen a lot and I have a lot of D’s and F’s. UC said they would accept grades of C and higher; however I was a straight A student last year and I’m worried they might rescind admission if my senior grades are all C’s. Well, first i need to bring them up to C’s. I don’t have any extenuating circumstances to bail me out, senioritis hit me way too hard and I made some poor choices. If i get my grades up to C’s, I am safe, right? @Gumbymom @10s4life

UCD’s provisional admission contract historically stated a 3.0 weighted GPA, no D’s or F’s Senior year. If you SIR’d already, your provisional admission contract should be listed. Dropping from a 4.0 GPA to a 2.0 GPA may have consequences since this is a huge drop. I would suggest you get your grades up to the B level or yes your admission could be rescinded.


I could possibly get my grades up to a 3.33 weighted but last year I had a 4.33 weighted gpa. I am taking 4 ap classes. Would this still affect me?

Unweighted counts.
Remember that they are on the quarter system, and right now, they’ve just finished winter term. Pretend you are there now. What would your grades be as of now? Kick it into high gear NOW and get used to 10 week terms.
If you can’t recover, you may lose your spot. It appears to have been a VERY competitive year. It can happen and does happen. Step it up now.

Gumbymom said I have to get a 3.0 weighted. Are you saying I could get rejected for below a 3.0 unweighted

UCD will state what they expect of you Senior year to maintain your provisional admission. If you have any questions, I would contact admissions so they can spell it out for you.

Get those grades up! If you don’t then it’s likely they will rescind you. That’s a huge drop and seniority’s is not an excuse they will accept.

this is what the contract said:
You must maintain the same academic performance upon which your admission was based and complete ALL courses listed on your admission application for your final term with grades of “C” or better. You must also graduate from high school.

so i’m done for if i get a couple c’s?

Looks that way.

What caused the drop off?


Each UC campus admission conditions are variable. UCSC states the same as UC Davis in that you have to maintain your same academic performance as the time of application. They also state this: ** A decline in GPA by a full grade point may result in the cancellation of your admission.**

So I would contact UCD to confirm their interpretation of maintaining the same academic performance. Multiple C’s or a drop in GPA would be an issue.

If denied you can only blame yourself.

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I called davis and explained my grades from beforehand and the guy said I only need C’s and above. I said i had had good grades before and it would drop my gpa a lot and he said i was fine i just need a 3.0

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According to your earlier post, you stated you have D’s and F’s so just barely scraping by with C’s will not get you to a 3.0 weighted. I would work your hardest for a mix of at least B’s and C’s to get to that 3.0 GPA weighted. Also consider a backup plan if you cannot meet the requirements.


I’m confused. The title of thread states “straight C’s.” The comment above states “a couple C’s.” A couple is two. Straight C’s means to me that you’ll receive C’s in all your classes. Which is it?

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Ohh. Sorry I was just assuming a couple c’s if i can get my grades up. I don’t even have C’s right now

So, you’re asking the readers here, how low your grades can go w/o being rescinded at UC Davis? If so, then this is a silly thread.

obviously i know ill get rescinded with the current state of my grades.

I was confused. I misread the thread. You have D’s and F’s now. And you need to raise your grades. My bad.

On a separate note, my D21 was rejected by UC Davis a few weeks ago. So, this thread makes me very sad. Just being honest.


You will definitely have to get your grades up if you don’t want to lose your spot, but it truly isn’t the end of the world if your admissions decision is rescinded. UCD has the fantastic Transfer Admission Guarantee program for CA Community College students, which means that after knocking out your Gen Eds at a CC with at least a 3.2, you’ll be automatically accepted. It’s a great way to save money and prepare for the elite education offered at the UCs. I just finished my Associate’s after being rejected everywhere in high school and will be going to Davis through TAG in the fall. Best of luck going forward!!