Can I improve my gpa ?

<p>I'm a freshman in high school. I got a 2.9 weighted gpa the first semester of freshman year. All B's, one A and 2 C's. I was wondering if i have still any chances of getting into an ivy league. I play lacrosse, season is about to start hoping and I'm hoping to make varsity and field hockey. I need to start doing more community services. I picked my schedule for next year- all accel and ap classes. There's roughly 4,000 kids in my school, i know ivy league looks for class rank but it's going to be rather difficult. Also, what are my chances in getting in Northwestern, USC, John Hopkins or NYU. Sorry for all the questions and i know they are broad but i'm just really confused. I want to major in law.</p>

<p>You can get into good schools still. A lot of schools, like Princeton, don't even look at freshman GPA. Just make sure to get better grades from now on.</p>

<p>Also, most good schools don't offer a pre-law major, only a pre-law program</p>

<p>whats the highest gpa i can get if i really work this semester?</p>

<p>3.95 if you get a perfect 5 weighted for freshman year but that can still go up.
roughly 4.75 is the highest weighted you can achieve which would leave you with a decent- good shot in the Ivys</p>

<p>Princeton, and other strong schools like Carnegie Mellon don't look at freshman GPA. However, schools that would look at your freshman GPA would like to see a good upward trend. If you can achieve your goal of the highest GPA possible, do well on tests, and become involved, you'll definitely be a competitive applicant. However, because you're only a freshman and you have provided minimal information, it's hard to tell.</p>