Can I join French Club even though I don’t take French as a class or speak French?

I have a passion for language and I have been taking Spanish as a class for a year. I have always loved French. However, I couldn’t fit any more languages in my schedule. I’m an incoming freshman so since French classes start freshman year, I don’t think I would be too far behind if I joined French club. Also, there is no way I would consider quitting Spanish to learn French instead. Would learning French and Spanish be too difficult? Should I join or not?

Oui. Lol.

Sure but it might be a bit boring not understanding what everyone is talking about from time to time.

Ask the academic advisor of the club.

I was in the French Club in HS although I took Spanish – but the teacher had turned it more into a cultural club (going to museums, ballets etc.) and welcomed everyone. At my kids HS I don’t know if it would be allowed.