Can I live at home and go to this college?

I was wondering: how far can you usually live away from a college and still be able to live off campus. There are a few colleges that I am looking at, but living off campus is a huge role in my choosing.

Very much varies by college. Some have first year dorm requirements. This would be found on the individual college websites under housing typically.

Also depends on what your parents are willing to pay for. If your college is close to home would they pay for off campus housing or expect you to commute?

I would live with them for a while.

Is an hour and a half too long a commute? There are colleges closer to home, but not for what I want from college.

Hour and a half of driving? That is too long a commute for sure. Lots of cost, driving time, and is winter weather a thing where you are?

If it was on public transportation and you can be doing homework while riding it would be better but far from ideal.


ofcourse you can. Why not!

Because carving out 3 hours of downtime every single day from a college student is likely to be very, very impactful on the student’s chance for success.

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I was wondering because I can’t afford to live at a college dorm (I don’t play sports and realistically, I probably won’t get a merit scholarship), and I was thinking that I could do school work on the bus. But I realize now that it isn’t realistic or ideal for my life, so I’ll look at other options. Thanks!

Unless your parents make a bundle and they just aren’t willing to spend it on college, apply, apply, apply! Are your grades good? Do you have a story to tell about coming from a different background? There are many liberal arts colleges that guarantee to meet need. There are scholarships too. If you do not want to live on campus because you think it will cost too much, then you may be surprised that it is possible. There are many students who get a lot of aid. If, on the other hand, you have some issues that cannot be addressed in a dorm setting, you can reach out to the office for disability and accommodation at the college where you would like to go. I am a parent who is familiar with this process. Some schools are great! You wouldn’t believe the amount of help and support you can get to help you manage college life. Other schools are not so great. Most are trying to improve in this area. If, for a third instance, you can’t really manage to live on campus because your family needs you at home, consider talking to extended family or siblings about making this possible. If it isn’t, I get that.
Finally, a couple of years ago, I would have said, 100% do not commute more than 30 minutes each way. College is challenging and it is usually the social part that makes it seem worthwhile during your first couple of years. Now I say, you can do parts of it online. Maybe you are only going to campus twice a week for labs and classes. If you can work that out, don’t fail to join a study group with people that you like and who are committed, go to sporting events and form a club for commuters! You will have to go out of your way to be social and NETWORK! Networking is about half the value of your college education. I mean it. These people will help you survive and get a job if you network properly. Networking and success also mean go to your professors’ office hours. Go before you need help and introduce yourself. And go see your professors when you have questions. Don’t wait until you have dug a hole for yourself.
It is more possible than ever to get through college, even with special circumstances. You have to reach out though and you have to be willing to persist and try again when those you reach out to fail you.
Good luck. You can do it!

I think you can do it. Why would that be an issue?

I have been putting a lot of thought into this. I am going to do community college for a year after high school, then transferring courses to a University that is an hour and a half away - however, I’ll be moving out, closer to school.
@Onlineschoolworkstoo , I am planning on getting aid and might take some online courses here and there for A) money and B) convenience. Thank you for all of your advice. I appreciate it!
My parents support me, and I have already talked to admission counselors. Thank you all!

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