Can I major in a subject in which I'm currently only doing IB standard level?

<p>I'm going to college this fall and I'm thinking of double-majoring in Math and Econ. Although I love do well in both, I'm in higher level Econ but standard level Math (I regret not choosing HL). Can I major in Math without having to catch up with all the HL stuff over the summer?</p>


<p>Anyone please?</p>

<p>Those two majors complement each other rather nicely. If you are currently in a pre-calculus course and will be able to take a calculus 1 course (your university may have a slight variation of this designation, but it should be pretty obvious to which course this corresponds) this fall, you will not be behind at all. Should you need to take a lower level course in college before being able to take calculus, you may be a little behind, but it would be easy to get caught up quickly with a short summer course, or get caught up later in you studies by taking an extra class or two for a semester or two. It is also worth noting that if you do get behind, you should not worry about completing the second major. It is often far more important which courses you took in a particular field of study rather than what major(s) you were able to complete, particularly if you go to grad school: graduate admissions will see what courses you have taken and know how well educated/prepared you are in certain fields regardless of whether or not you met every requirement your university set for earning that particular major. That is the reason why people can get into professional graduate schools like medical school and have a degree(with no second major) in areas like English, mechanical engineering, etc.</p>

<p>Hope that helps!</p>