Can I make a Club (not varsity) team without playing in high school?

Since I couldn’t make my high school team (we’re top 3 in the state) I know I obviously have no shot at varsity, but I really want to play for a club team, because I’m looking for more of a commitment than intramurals. I’m only 5’8 but I’m pretty decent, is it possible I could play club?

play what? In any event, some club teams are very competitive and are difficult to make even for HS varsity players. Other clubs teams aren’t as competitive and are easy to make.

Basketball which I’m guessing is somewhat competitive, but one of the schools I’m applying to has a B team

basketball will likely have smaller rosters, so even with two club teams (A/B), it will difficult to make it. You may want to find like-minded individuals and enter a local adult league if you think intramural will not be enough for you.

Nah I only want to play within my school

You aren’t going to choose your school based on club basketball, are you? Apply to schools, try out for the team, play if you make it, play intramurals if you don’t.

Completely depends on the school and level of sports interest. You can probably make a club team at MIT easier than big State U.

fwiw, I made our school’s club volleyball team, having never played in high school.

Totally depends. Some teams need newbies, others not so much.