Can i make it in

<p>I am going to be a high school senior in the fall, and after visiting NYU this summer i fell in love with the school. I am planning on doing ED and i have already for the most part completed my application. Let me know what my chances are for exceptance.</p>

<p>3.91 GPA unweighted
top 10% of high school class
ACT 25 (taking in september again)
SAT 1710 (taking again in October)
SAT II's im signed up put im taking them in september</p>

<p>Involved in ASB student leadership for junior year and was elected senior class senator for next year</p>

<p>Member of Young republicans for all years and president for the junior and senior year</p>

<p>VP of Video Announcments club and member for two years</p>

<p>Member of National Honors society for four years</p>

<p>Spanish club member- 4 years</p>

<p>Was chosen to be a student ambassador to Beijing China and to have a fellow china student come to my house and visit</p>

<p>Over the last two years voluntering for the make a wish foundation around christmas time collecting toys and other items to hold a raffle where we donated the money to make a wish. about 100 hours total</p>

<p>Work 15 hours a week as a Head lifeguard at the local YMCA was promoted in only one month and have been working there for a year now</p>

<p>I have taken all honors classes up through sophmore year when in junior and senior year have taken AP classes
Next Years Schedule-
AP US gov
AP Calc
Spanish 4/5 (university of washington in highschool program)
Anat Phis
Organic Chem
Personal essay</p>

<p>I am also an eagle scout and have been envolved with the boyscouts for over 10 years now as an active member.</p>

<p>I plan on trying to raise my SAT and ACT score along with what makes a good letter of recomendation and from who</p>

<p>Im looking at CAS</p>


<p>probably not, basically depends on your new sat i, ii, and/or act scores..</p>

<p>Wow, you guys think no? He has a 3.91 and he wants to get into CAS - I think you have a great chance AS LONG AS you raise your SATs a little more. Your extra currics are pretty good, GPA is awesome, classes are good. I mean, what else but raise your scores?</p>

<p>Definitely get your SAT I and II scores above 600, at least, on every section. Write great essays and you'll have a great shot. :D Good luck.</p>

<p>you need to raise your sat and act scores...
but your extracirriculars seem good
I agree with shades children you need above a 600 in each section on the sat</p>

<p>I think there is something wrong with my school because our NHS is only opened to 11/12 grade. Anyway, those are some low test scores. If you don't get those up, I'd say your chances are very low. Tests scores can't get you in, but they can keep you out!</p>

<p>halo- the school's have the right to decide which year's they open NHS school also only allowed 11/12</p>

<p>outono...cas's acceptance rate this year was 15 applicants for every avalible spot. Many of the upcoming seniors are seriously underestimating the quality of the applicants that apply to cas and the quality of cas as a school itself. If all of tony's test scores do not improve significantly his chances are as I said before very low. Furthermore, a 3.9 gpa is not uncommon at ALL.</p>

<p>though schools have many more applicants than spots keep in mind that they must accept 2-4 times the amount of kids they have space for. What is NYU's typical yield?</p>

<p>we need ur rank...and a breakdown of ur SATs, by i can make a more accurate assessment, and tell you where you need to improve...</p>