Can I make it to Cornell??

<p>Im an international student(Indian)</p>

<p>I have average SAT scores:</p>

<p>R- 570 ... :( <can a="" gr8="" ielts="" score="" compensate="" this="">
M- 800
W- 660</can></p>

<p>M2 -800

<p>I have fair EC's -- School Volleyball team, many participations and certificates
Took Out of the syllabus Networking courses coz I loved the topic
Has Tutored juniors.</p>

<p>LOR's -- Im really passionate abt comp. and Ive done comp teacher told
Im the BEST student she had till now, She tells me im creative,smart and<br>
hard working,and would give the Best recommendation possible..She told
me to try for Us actually..coz she felt I would do gr8 here..I now agree</p>

<pre><code> My class teacher would give me a great rec. as well.

<p>Essays -- I will do my best..Cornell is my dream. </p>

<p>I am planning to take IELTS this Jan 10th..Cornell would receive it by Jan it too late.. or should I apply for waiver as I qualify for TOEFL / IELTS waiver..studied in a country wher ENg. is official language.</p>

<p>Thank You..:)</p>