Can I MIT it?

<p>Hey, I'm an Indian male applying from New Jersey (help me). Here's my stats. What are my chances for EA?</p>



<p>1480(730M 750V) - first try
1560(800M 760V) - second try</p>

Bio - 770
Chem - 720
Physics - 730 (retook Oct)
MathIIC - 760
Writing - 630 (only got 6 wrong, forgot to do last 10 questions - retook Oct) </p>

Bio - 5
Chem - 5
Physics C Mech - 5
Calc BC - 5 (AB Subscore: 5)
Statistics - 5
CompSci AB- 3 </p>


18/~540 (3%ish)
weighted 4.7 out of 4.6
highly competitive magnet program </p>


-Summer 2003: Microbiology research (unpublished paper)
-Summer 2004: Tuberculosis research (abstract and presentation)
-Spring 2004: SAT Tutor
-Member of professional rock band (play all over tri-state area) - sax, vocals, guitar (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;)&lt;/p>


-Studnet Council President - 12
-Superintendent's Advisory Committee - 12
-Junior Statesment of America (NJR Cabinet - 12)
-JV Tennis(9); Varsity Tennis(10-12)
-13 years classical piano (7 grades of Trinity College of London of Music)
-AllShore Jazz Band (select jazz group)
-represent school at Leadership Conference
-160+ hrs volunteering at hospital </p>


-Entered Siemens Westinghouse competition ---(not selected)
-Entering in Intel STS
-National Merit Semifinalist
-nominated for US Senate Youth Program from school
-4 year Scholar Athlete
-1 of two chosen to participate in NCTE Writing Competition
-member of 2nd place winning math team
-Accepted to Columbia Univ SHP
-others ack can't really remember </p>


-Pretty good writer: essays shouldn't be too bad
-Recs are really good</p>


<p>What do you guys think?
(Could you guys maybe give me a 1-10 chance? 1 being no chance, 10 being most likely in)</p>

<p>You are certainly a valid candidate. Have you had your interview yet?</p>

<p>Yes I have. It went pretty well. He seemed very interested in my research and involvement in a rock band.</p>

<p>4 - I'd say from all that about a 30% chance.</p>

<p>anyone else??</p>

<p>SATII Update
Writing 800
Physics 750</p>

<p>does that change my chances?</p>

<p>streetlight: "forgot to do last 10 questions"</p>

<p>!!!! ME TOO!!!! UUUUUGH. i would have gotten at least 750 if i had answered them all, instead i got 710......... UUUUUUUUUGH sorry just had to vent.</p>

<p>Your writing score increase will help. Glad that your interview went well, that should do you some good too - especially that it wasn't all math/science/academic grind. I would tend to agree with Anthony's assessment - better than overall chances, but not 50/50.</p>

<p>i have no idea how u manage not to answer the last ten...but the new increased writing score will help...yea and like 80% of the MIT people have like the same stats as you do so its tough getting in, but i'd say you have a legit shot</p>

<p>ha, I had taken old practice tests where the test ended with the passage questions. little did I know that on the ones I took, there were ten sentence questions after it.</p>

I'd say higher</p>