Can I NOT accept dual enrollment credits?

<p>I took two dual enrollment classes, and I got a B in one of them. I got a letter today saying that the grade has been accepted by FSU. Is there a way to have the University ignore this credit and grade?</p>

<p>An admissions person told me to be careful when taking dual enrollment vs. AP courses since the dual enrollment courses are part of your permanent college record whereas the AP courses are only part of your high school record but you get non-GPA impacting college credit if you get a 3+ on the exams. You should contact admissions to find out.</p>

<p>Yes, you have the option to not accept dual enrollment credits, testing credits, etc. You have to go to the university registrar and request to deny your credits. When I went to deny credit for Calculus 1 (because I was repeating it here), I just went to the Registrar office and after being sent around to a few people I eventually was sent to some lady who took the previous credit off of my transcript. (Unfortunately I can't tell you who she was or where. :( Sorry.)</p>