Can I reapply as a freshman in another uni?

Hi, I am an incoming freshman to Cal Poly SLO and was rejected from UC Davis but am still really attached to the school as it was my top choice. If I wanted to switch schools, is it possible for me to apply to uc davis again this fall 2022 in order to be an incoming freshman at uc davis fall 2023 with some cal poly courses taken? In other words, can I reapply to Davis as a freshman with courses taken at another college?



Who is a freshman applicant?
You’ll start as a freshman if:

You’re currently in high school


You’ve graduated high school, but haven’t enrolled in a regular session (fall, winter, spring) at a college or university.


No, if you want to reapply as a freshman, you have to take a gap year and not enroll in any college classes after high school graduation.

What major(s) did you apply to at SLO and Davis?

If you badly want to end up at Davis, you could be better off starting at community college vs. SLO. It’s not a long shot to get into Davis as a CC transfer, for most majors.

I suggest you fall in love with the school that loved you.


You have at least 2 discussions about either switching majors at SLO or transferring to UC Davis and were given good advice. Did you SIR to SLO as a BRAE major? You did indicate that you were planning to attend Community college then try to transfer to UCD so is this no longer your plan? As mentioned in this and your other discussions, either attend SLO and attempt a change of major or try to transfer to UCD while attending SLO or the better option is attend a CC and TAG to UCD.

Once you start taking college courses after HS graduation, you will be considered a Transfer by UC definition so you will need 60 semester/90 quarter units to successfully transfer to UCD.

If you take a Gap year, you will have to do something significant for UCD to reconsider your reapplication.

I see from another thread that you are interested in mechanical engineering. Cal Poly SLO has a very good program in mechanical engineering.

I think that you are already in at a very good university. My recommendation is that you go to Cal Poly SLO, and plan to work very hard in your classes. Attend every class. Pay attention. Keep well ahead in your homework.

I think that you will find that you can get a very good education at the university that you are already planning to attend, and that this can lead to a very good career.



OP was accepted as a Bio resource and Agriculture Engineer at SLO which is not in the school of Engineering. Changing majors is not so simple or guaranteed so there is a chance OP could not pursue his first choice major ME. That is the issue and it seems they are not willing to consider BRAE as an option? ME at UCD is still an option via TAG so that would be the best route for OP if SLO and BRAE are not their preference.

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