Can I receive a letter of recommendation in another language?

I want to receive a letter from a non-native English speaker, and I’m wondering if colleges will translate it themselves. I’ve waived my FERPA, so I won’t be able to translate the letter.

You need to have it translated. See if an English teacher is willing to do it.

@skieurope Do you think I could have them preface the letter with a note saying that they used Google Translate?

You describe the person as a non-native English speaker. If s/he has a working knowledge of English, s/he can translate it on his/her own. I doubt any adult professional would ever want to use Google Translate for professional correspondence.

That said. You ate applying to college, not the teacher. The college is not expecting Shakespeare from a rec writer and couldn’t care less about grammatical errors in a rec. I think you are overthinking this.