Can I send in SAT/ACT retakes in rolling admissions?


I will be sending in my applications for Wisconsin-madison and michingan-ann arbor before the end of this month. I got a 27 on the ACT and 1290 SAT. Would I be able to send in my retake scores also?

<p>Sending you can do; whether it will be considered is a different issue. They have rolling admissions and if they take up and decide your app before those new test scores arrive, then they will not be considered; if the the scores get there before that happens then they will be. Wisconsin tends to be fairly quick on response (within 2 weeks after you submit all necessary materials), Mich slower, and both may hold a number of applicants considered borderline until all apps are in so they can compare you to the complete applicant pool</p>

<p>Yes that makes sense, so my best bet is to hopefully get the scores in before the review it. Thanks a bunch. :)</p>