can i seriously consider a geography major

<p>Hi. I am thinking of declaring geography as a major (I am pretty much out of time to think about it). The thing is, I haven't taken any actual geography classes. It's just always been something I've been interested in. I've taken classes in econ, anthropology, chemistry, biology, astronomy,...I feel like I could put this all towards geography, know there would be a difference but Im not sure exactly how much of a difference it would be. Simply put, would you say that I am prepared to declare a geography major despite any actual geography classes?
Thanks guys. Please be gentle.....:)</p>

<p>Hello. I'm a geography major and it seems that if you are interested in those subjects, especially anthro, bio, and econ, geography may be a good major for you. I can't decide for you, but geography is a broad subject and can be narrowed down to specific disciplines which you might enjoy.</p>

<p>Personally, my school offers several different "clusters" of classes which focus on different areas of geography. You should check out your school's geog department website and browse around.</p>

<p>Thanks. Good to hear.</p>