Can I SIR to two UC's?

I’m a transfer student and I recently got off the waitlist for ucla. I’m currently committed to UCSD at the moment. However since I got admitted to ucla so late into the year I am scared that I won’t get housing.

My thinking is to remain committed at UCSD while I SIR to UCLA and see if I can get housing. If I don’t get housing at UCLA I pull out the SIR and remain at UCSD. I understand that the SIR deposit is non refundable as well as housing deposit but I don’t mind.

What are your thoughts on this?

I thought UCLA now guarantees transfer housing?


I suppose I meant if I will get housing preference which I assume I don’t or never would have.

According to the UCLA sub, transfers are getting pushed into 4 bedroom 8 person off campus apartments which sounds… unpleasant.

Do you have any sense for how quickly you would find out your UCLA housing situation once you SIR? What type of housing will be acceptable to you?

Obviously if you take up two spots, both of which you can’t ultimately take, you will literally be keeping a spot from someone else….I know you know that and is likely the reason behind your post.

So, I’m not going to say it’s ok for you to sir at two schools, especially at this late date. The only way it might be ok is if you find out your ucla housing situation in a day, max…but realize the schools wouldn’t find it acceptable, should they find out.

Good luck.

I would contact UCLA about your housing question first and see if they can give you a definitive answer. In rare cases, both UC’s have allowed double depositing after they have given permission. A few days overlap should not be an issue, but I would not keep both SIR’s for much longer due to the chance of both schools finding out and rescinding the acceptances.

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What type of housing do you have at UCSD? Which school has the better program in your intended field of study? The apartments are technically on campus housing, they are just not on the Hill. And many of them are brand new. Housing is usually made successful by the people and not the actual buildings. My daughter was told that she was so unlucky to get the socially dead dorms in her housing selection last year. It was great and she loved her time there because of the people. Other friends had a harder time in the social dorms. Students make housing choice and swaps into some sort of Hunger Games. Most all housing is pretty good. Good luck and stay off of Reddit.