Can I start college over in a community college?

<p>I go to a state school in california, and I got ok grades, not only that, but I also got in some trouble with the school and now i might get suspended next year. I was wondering if i can just stop attending the school I'm at now and start all over again in a community college, as if I took a year off.</p>

<p>No. You have to release all college academic transcripts when you apply as a transfer. Say, if you go to CC for two years and then try to transfer to a UC and don’t report those grades, the UC system, if they find out (more like when they find out) will revoke your admission and you will be banned from the entire UC system. Bottom line, you have to report all coursework from all colleges attended.</p>

<p>Can you talk to the school you’re currently attending and try to work something out? I wouldn’t stop attending class without a formal withdrawal. It doesn’t look good on your transcripts.</p>

<p>Your grades will follow you literally everywhere you go. It’s all on your National Clearinghouse account and under your social security.
You can start over in a community college and raise up your GPA and transfer, and upward grade trends are usually really good for admissions, but just know that wherever you go your records will follow you. </p>