Can I still add a DeCal?

<p>I need to drop Math 53(trying to take Math 53 and Math 54 at the same time was a bad idea), but that will drop me down to 12 units... unfortunately, the application deadlines, etc. for DeCals seem to have passed... Is there anything I can do? I'd like to take the Archery, Korean Drumming or Chemistry of Cooking DeCal.</p>

<p>Most DeCals have just barely begun. Try to attend a meeting of all the ones on your list and see if any will still let you join.
I know one of my DeCals doesn't even give out the CCN until next class.</p>

<p>Email the instructor. Most of them are usually nice about it since they want more students in their decal. If that doesn't work, look for seminars that are opened. Trust me, the instructors are more than happy to have more students learning about their course.</p>

<p>The ones you'd like to take are most likely full since other people would like to take them as well. I'd suggest you go looking for the more "boring sounding" ones that is still within your interests and see if you can get in.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Archery is completely full...or so they told me...maybe just a nice way of rejecting me since I know nothing and my application was awful. I heard the same about the cooking one.</p>