Can I still apply by Sept. 30 with no Test Scores?

<p>I want to apply for QquestBridge, but I need to brush up on SAT/ACT/SAT II's. All of the test dates are past the September 30 deadline.</p>

<p>Now, when we apply for QuestBridge, does that mean all of the colleges we rank will receive the applications ED or can we decide to submit them Regular Decision?</p>

<p>And can we still apply without standardized test scores, and then later submit them once they are reported?</p>

<p>I need to know the answer to this question too.</p>

<p>I'm not sure if one can apply without test scores, but I know they are taken into consideration and important.</p>

<p>All the colleges you rank (you can rank only one or as many as eight) for the Match will receive your application. You can, instead, opt out of participating and just use QB for Regular Decision, but I wouldn't know why someone would want to do that. If you do not get into any school you ranked through the Match, some schools don't require you to re-submit an application for Regular Decision, while others do.</p>

<p><a href=""></a></p>

<p>"To be considered for the National College Match, you need to submit the standardized test scores required by the QuestBridge partner colleges you are interested in attending. For information on the tests each partner college requires, please see our required standardized tests page. You should ask your high school counseling office to fax your score reports to QuestBridge using the 'Transcript & Test Scores' fax cover sheet available on your 'My Locker' page. "</p>

<p>They will also accept later test dates, but from that passage, I think you will need test scores according to which partner colleges you're interested in.</p>

<p>i called and they said you can submit them individually to the schools
& you just leave a blank on the application</p>

<p>Can you still be selected as a finalist without subject tests?</p>


<p>I don't think subject tests have any bearing on finalist status. You would need to submit them directly to the schools by the submission date for finalist materials. Did you take the ACT with writing? If so, most (but not all schools) take that in lieu of the subject tests.</p>