Can I Still Apply for financial aid

<p>I recently got accepted to UCLA as a junior transfer (from a CC). Unfortunately I've neglected to apply for any financial aid up until now. A couple months ago I used the Fafsa estimator and it said that I wasn't likely to be eligible for any aid, so I didn't bother completing the Fafsa application. Can I still apply for Fafsa and are there any other grants or financial aid options that I could still look into? </p>

<p>Yes, but you won’t be eligible for cal grants. You’ll still get pell grants and all that other stuff if you qualify, though.</p>

<p>Okay, thanks. I submitted my fafsa today, so I guess I have to wait a week or two before UCLA tells me how much aid I qualify for. I’ll talk to the financial aid office at my cc tomorrow, but is it likely that there are still scholarships available to apply for, or is it too late?</p>

<p>@jmiclun Hi, I want to know this question too. Can you put the respond of ucla here after you call them? Thanks so much.</p>

<p>So I checked my provisional award letter from UCLA and it only listed loan options. The net cost (which is supposed to be total expenses minus scholarships and grants) was the full cost. I assume this means that I didn’t qualify for any grants through UCLA?</p>