Can I still do music college with a GED

I’m 15 and I’m going to job corps for welding for a fall back. I wanted to know if that even though I’m getting my GED if it would be a good option because my dream is to be a music artist and learn how to make my own beats and such. I’ve always wanted to make music. i write lyrics and everyone tells me i should go for it. let me know how to go about this

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Do you have any options other than a GED? Could you complete a regular high school program online if you don’t like your local high schools? I teach GED exam prep. That is not an easier, faster way to a high school diploma. There almost always are other better options for young students like you.

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You can apply to any type of college with a GED. One of my kids is a performer and got her GED, and was admitted to all the schools she applied to.

There are other ways to get a diploma as well. Check out North Atlantic Regional High School for instance. They will compile credits and trainings and let you know what you need to finish. Homeschools sites can provide further ideas. Do you get credit for your welding training?

What you do need is some understanding of what music schools are all about. There are BM and BA programs (See the Double Degree Dilemma essay closer to the top of this forum).

It seems to me that music production, music technology, studio production (there are different terms for this area of study) might be one direction to go in. Another might be songwriting.

For an example look at Columbia College Chicago. Many state schools are also possibilities.

Take a look at schools like Berklee or Miami Frost to see the areas of study and courses to clarify what you might want to do. Then find affordable ways to do this. Some schools also have continuing education where you can take courses one at a time, while you work.

Another possibility is to continue training and working in welding but finding a teacher. This could get you started. Once you are clear on the area of study you want you could try contacting a teacher in a local school or college.

Do you have anyone locally who can perform with you, or is your music basically a solo endeavor?

Good luck! Ad don’t ever think a GED will hold you back.

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