Can I still get into and Ivy with 5 B's my freshman year?

<p>I got 5 B's my freshman year (All but one were high B's). I didnt get anymore B's the rest of HS. Due to my upward trent and the fact that these were from freshman year, can I still get into an Ivy League school?</p>

<p>no. But this judgment is based solely on the fact that I ran out of apple jacks this morning.</p>

<p>yes you can. just work hard and get all As. get high sat score, 2200++, 800 on your SATs, 5s on your APs with amazing recommendations and ECs. you just need to show them that you can handle the work</p>

<p>Um, why the thread OP? Whyyyy?</p>

<p>i doubt you'll get in anywhere. enjoy mcdonalds</p>

<p>I got in with a bunch of Bs and even a few Cs (<em>gasp</em>!!!). But then again, I do rock at most other aspects of life, so...</p>