Can I still get into CSULB?

hi so I made a mistake on my cal state apps (i forgot to report two classes from my sophomore year which would’ve raised my CSU GPA i’m pretty sure) my csu gpa without those classes is a 3.89 and i get local preference. i’m just wondering if i could still get accepted into csulb despite my errors because i don’t really want to go through the appeal process.

btw i just received an email from csulb saying they cannot update my coursework history which is why i’m asking

Which courses were omitted? What is your intended major?

Chem, which I got a B and C, and Spanish 3, which I got a B and A. I am applying to be a nursing major.

just for reference i did report my ap chem class that I took in junior year, and my ap score of 3 for chem

Based on the link below, the average CSU GPA for local Nursing admits in 2019 was 4.06. The average of 2 B’s, one C and a A from the missing courses would be a 3.0 which would probably lower your CSU GPA vs. increase it. Although you got an AP score of 3 on the AP Chem test, AP scores are not part of the application review for the Cal states, but the AP rigor is a consideration. The courses/grades you did not list are significant enough that it can impact your chances but difficult to determine how much. You may need to go through the appeal process in the end but you also have a good reason to pursue it. Best of luck.

Thanks for the info! Sorry to ask, but do appeals normally work for CSULB? and do you think, if i do get rejected and decide to appeal, that i stand a good chance?

The appeal process does work and you have a valid reason to appeal if you are rejected. Hopefully it will not be necessary.

that is very reassuring thank u so much!