Can I still get into s UC with a D?

So I got a D during junior year in trigonometry and a C during first semester. However I got an A in APUSH both semesters, C’s both semesters for AP English Language, and B’s in psychology and physics for both semesters as well. My AP score for APUSH was a 4 and my AP score for English Language was a 3. I really want to go to UC Santa Cruz to get a major in psychology and a minor in political science, but I want to know if my trig grade screwed up my chances and if now inhave to transfer from a community college.


I naturally struggle with math, always have. I spent hours at a time practicing and studying Trignometry after school trying to understand it but it never clicked.

If you do not repeat the trig course, then the D is calculated into your UC GPA which could have a definite impact on your chances. You need a minimum level of Math to be considered for admission to any UC which is Algebra 2/Trig.

What is your UC GPA?

Are you repeating the course Senior year?

What are your SAT/ACT scores?

I feel your pain on many levels. Can you retake the class?

It sounds like your other grades aren’t too bad. As long as you’ve completed the A-G courses, you have many options. If not, you’ll have to look at privates or a CC.