Can I still get into UC Berkeley with a 3.46 GPA?

Hello! I’m a prospective 1-year transfer. Can I get into [UC Berkeley] with a 3.46 GPA?

Hi. I’m a prospective one year transfer due to a certain situation, but it’s kind of a make it or break it for me. I’m a political science major.

I got 2 Bs (an 88 and an 89) in a science and math classes that I took, but I only took 4 classes for the fall semester, which is why I have a 3.46 GPA. For one year transfers, the admissions officers only look at the Fall 2021 GPA. However, I did take several classes (7) in the winter, and I can report 6 of them on my UC TAU, because they end before the TAU deadline.
The semester is almost over for the winter, and I did end up getting all A’s in the classes.

I had a rough time, and I live as a very low-income student, so I had to help my parents with their businesses, but I tried really hard for this semester.

Please let me know what you think!

Your application will be reviewed for admissions based on your UC application GPA although reporting good grades on your TAU can help.

That said, you can check to see how you compare based on these 2020 GPA admit ranges by major. For political science the admit range was 3.74-4.00 so if UCB is using the 3.46, then it will be a High Reach.

Will you have 60 transferable CC units? Will you be able to afford Berkeley?

Hi! Thanks for replying.

Yes, I will be able to have 61 transferable unites (AP courses in HS), and I’m eligible for tuitions and grants (such as Pell) for the UCs/Berkeley.

Are you instate? That makes a difference in tuition and fees.

A number of your AP courses only count as elective credit. This occurred with all three of my children when they were accepted to their UCs. You can receive credit for your AP’s at the CC, but Berkeley can choose to accept whatever they want.

With a 3.46 GPA it will be a very high reach.

Also, if you applied as a senior HS student, to Berkeley, and were not admitted, the results wont change much since they still have your records from previous admissions attempts.

Yep! I am in-state.
I checked with the college, and the ones that I will be applying for will accept the APs.

I did not apply as a senior high schol student. I graduated early out of sophomore year, and chose to attend CC right after that.