Can I still pass Chem3B?

<p>Did ridiculously poorly on my last midterm (30/150). At this point, I'd be fine with a C-, since I just want to be done with chem. I don't know whether it's realistic to pull my grade up, even to a C-, though, with how much catching up I need to do in the class. </p>

<p>I don't know if I have the time needed to catch up on everything that I've missed in the first 1/3 of the class - AND I need to review 3A stuff. Would it be better to just take the NP, and try again next semester? Or is it actually possible, if I do average on the other midterm and final, to pass?</p>

<p>dont do the whole NP thing-its foolish really considering you have to do all that work twice for no reason.</p>

<p>just really go beast-mode on chem over spring break and rock the next midterm and final. i am sure there should be a way for you to still pass. you might want to ask pedersen if this is still possible (numerically speaking in terms of points you'd need to score)</p>

<p>I am in your class, and I honestly think the graders are pretty anal this time around. >.< In sum, I didn't do that well either...but still average.</p>

<p>Don't go for P/NP if you are planning to be any major that needs the course. So MCB, IB, etc..If you are Premed, maybe consider the P/NP option. Otherwise, don't bother with it.</p>

<p>Pedersen doesn't rely too much on 3A knowledge, but the stuff will get harder. So just do better next round..for you and for me. You can definitely pass the class still.</p>

<p>you'll be fine. just do the practice problems and make sure you understand them. I did alright on the first middy, but then ridiculously failed the second one because I decided to go out, have fun and get a major hangover rather than study. Soooo just study. Pederson's class isn't hard if you start the practice problems now/over spring break. Go to any of the GSI OHs if you don't understand the question. 3b really doesn't rely too much on 3a and there may have only been like 1 problem when I took 3b that related to 3a (was just a sn1 or sn2 thing, nothing that difficult)</p>