Can I still take the SAT in January?

<p>I have already taken my SAT in Oct, but the score was not very good, so I wanna retake it in January. I'm applying for 08 fall and I'm a int'l student. Is that still possible to retake it in January? Will the schools still accept the score in Jan.?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Depends on the university.</p>

<p>Thanks, but... Those universities who accept Jan scores are majority or minority?</p>

<p>probably the minority.</p>

<p>Thanks! Then I'll just send my Oct SAT scores...</p>

<p>Check with the schools you're applying to. Their websites would most likely give this information. If you need to, then just send oct scores to ones that don't and jan scores to ones that do. Another option would be to do stand by testing for this saturday's exam.</p>

<p>BU and CMU accept Jan SAT scores.. if you rush report</p>