Can I submit the November 6, 2010 SAT for Early Decision?

<p>I think the title explains what I'm asking, but if I'm applying ED to Duke this fall and the application is due November 1, will November 6 SAT scores be taken into consideration if I take and submit them? Anyone who is a current Duke student that has done this? (This would be a subject test, just to clarify)</p>

<p>This is what I told the other person who posted the same question as you on another thread:
"Yeah I agree with what Biner said because I just submitted my ACT scores so I didn't have to bother taking the time to study and take the SAT Subject Tests. But you don't necessarily HAVE to take the SAT Subject Tests in October if you have potential conflicts. Here's Duke policy on standardized tests Duke University Admissions: Standardized Testing Requirements and it says that while they "strongly recommend" taking it in October, they still admit "past experience suggests that November scores typically arrive in time". "</p>

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<p>Yah I was just asking if anyone has done this before because I called Duke Admissions and they said they can't guarantee that the scores get there. Has anyone taken the NOvember Test for ED and had their scores get there in time?</p>

<p>Seems like you're cutting it close. Why take that risk. Why not take the October one?</p>

<p>Yes, I have done it before. I took my SAT II's in Nov and was accepted ED. Duke gets its scores electronically from CB and there is practically no delay between release of scores and their receipt by Duke. Just make sure to list Duke as a school to receive your scores on the test when you take it. </p>

<p>Note: I applied 4 years ago, make of it what you will.</p>

keep in mind that if you choose to send November scores, you most likely have to use the "automatically send scores" option when you register (basically what SBR said above); however, this means that you will not be able to see what you scored before the results are sent. It's a slight risk, but if you have no other choice, that's your best bet OR opt to take the ACT and if you obtain a good score on that, you don't have to take the subject tests.</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>