Can I switch from ED II to Regular Decision?

Hi, so my top choice was initially Rutgers NB and I applied early action but my decision is still in process and might be for a little while longer. I’m really not quite sure if Rutgers NB will take me and I’m thinking of applying ED II to TCNJ since it’s my second choice, but in the scenario that I find out that Rutgers has accepted me before I’ve gotten a decision back from TCNJ, is it possible for me to withdraw my ED II application to TCNJ and switch to the regular decision pool so that I can still attend Rutgers? Will there be any penalties/repercussions?

Like could I call TCNJ and ask them to move me to the RD pool?

Yes, you should be able to switch from EDII to RD.

But if you receive a TCNJ EDII acceptance before your Rutgers decision, you will be bound to go to TCNJ.

Thank you! That made me feel a lot better actually. By any chance, do you happen to know if they’d ask me for a reason as to why I’m withdrawing my ED?

I doubt it…and there might be a way to make the change in the portal, without even speaking or emailing with anyone. But if someone were to ask, have an answer ready…such as I want to be able to compare financial aid offers.

Good luck.