Can I take 1 year of a language and 2 of another or switch now?

I need some help I am taking German right now but I am considering taking Spanish should I finish the year off in German and maybe continue it, stay in German and do Spanish for 2 years, or switch to Spanish. I really need your advice! Also all feedback is appreciated Thank you!

It’s better to do 3 years of Spanish than 2 of Spanish and one of German for college admissions.

Colleges look to see the highest level of a foreign language that is taken. For example if a college wants applicants to have three years of foreign language it wants to see one language taken through Level 3. So yes, you are better off taking three years of the same foreign language.

Agree. I’ve seen a few Adcom comments that dedication and depth is important. N years in one language is preferred to A+B (=N) years in two languages