Can I take any bio course to fulfill requirement?

<p>There are 2 different one-semester bio courses that are being offered that count as gen-ed requirements also. Can I take those to fulfill the 1 year biology requirement for med school, or does it have to be General Biology I and II(or something along the lines of that)?</p>

<p>Much appreciated.</p>

<p>Depends on the courses but I would strongly urge you to take Gen Bio I & II as they will better fit the material on the MCAT and will likely be prereqs for most upper division bio courses, which you must take 1-2 of for many med schools.</p>

<p>I need to know for sure because I have to register for spring semester soon. I remember reading a topic long ago here that said it could be any bio course as long as it has lab. The courses that I am looking to take(two of 3 of these) are titled: Biological Sciences, The Living World, and Biology of Human Life.</p>

<p>These sound like fluffly classes. They would probably technically fulfill your requirements, as long as they have labs, but classes with titles like these would not be taken seriously. Of the three, "Living World" is the most apparently fluffy.</p>

<p>I agree, they sound like you are trying to hide from the pre-med classes. Not getting a good education in general biology is going to come back to haunt you during the MCAT. Unless these classes are a higher level than general biology 1 and 2, such as genetics or cell bio, it is best not to use them to fulfill the pre-reqs. Some schools may not accept them if they are below the academic level of general bio 1 and 2, but I don't have a complete list of who will and will not accept these cop out classes. Consult your pre-med/health office, but I really think taking these classes isn't going to go well for you in the future. If you can't handle general bio you probably are out of luck for medical school.</p>

<p>^^Agreed. You are trying to pad your grades with fluff but you need to take Bio courses that will help you do well on your MCATs and in med school. Don't forget med schools look at your transcript.</p>

<p>^AFAIK, there is only 1 MCAT! (You don't take the MCATs.) j/k, but I agree. OP's courses are total fluff. Take gen bio. Those courses won't be taken seriously and won't prepare you for the MCAT nor will they prepare you for upper division bio or med school....</p>

<p>^^Yes, MCAT- singular, typing boo-boo</p>

<p>^I was teasing/kidding around. It's a common mistake; albeit, maybe a small pet peeve here! lol.</p>

<p>The MCAT vs MCATs debate is tried and true. Generally, it is accepted that one calls it the MCAT rather than the MCATs, but MCATs has started to become a more common term, even in some AAMC material. There is further confusion depending on if one is talking about the exam or your score(s). A lot of people might say "I took the MCAT today because my MCATs in tha past were 22 and 25." There is debate on whether you should say "my MCAT score" or just "my MCAT." More fun arises when people say the "MCAT exam" (I am a culprit here), because the T stands for Test :D.</p>

<p>mmmcdowe's law- The more fear and awe an exam provokes, the more anal people get about the minutia surrounding it.</p>

<p>^So true. lol. Which is why the MCAT gets more anal people than the GMAT.... Well, that, and the MCAT is taken by neurotic premeds instead of...laze..err... business students.</p>

<p>I am asking myself the same question. Here's why... I am currently at a CC getting ready to "hopefully" stress the hopefully transfer to a top tier school. Most of the schools are saying I will have to repeat my Gen Bio courses, or I can placement test out of them but take upper level courses in order to actually recieve credit towards graduation. The problem is my CC is only offering 1 section of GEN BIO 2 and it conflicts with a class I need to fulfill scholarship requirements. Would it be bad to replace it with Anatomy and Physiology?</p>

<p>It should be accepted, but I'd recommend using Cell Bio or Genetics instead, just because it will help make up for the gaps from missing gen bio.</p>

<p>I have already taking Genetics... and my schools Gen Bio 2 is a study of evolution... all the cytogenetics was in Gen Bio 1</p>

<p>Your Genetics course didn't have evolution in it?</p>

<p>If you took Gen Bio 1 and Genetics (both with labs), your bio req is fulfilled. Take whatever else that you care to.</p>

<p>Now that I reread your question, are you even asking about premed? It sounds like you are just asking a transfer q. If you are just asking which bio course you should take for MCAT prep, I woud say that Cell Bio probably trumps A&P.</p>

<p>I am Pre-med at a CC, I don't care so much about what transfers over as I do fulfilling my pre-med reqs and prepping for the MCAT... I transfer in Spring as a Junior... so between all the stress of Transfer apps I also have to worry about the Med School process... there will be very little time in between... it's the drawback of a CC</p>

<p>The answer to questions of the form "which specific course should I take at my college to satisfy a premed requirement" should be directed to your premed advising system. Courses with identical names at different colleges may, or may not, satisfy the requirement. Every college should be able to tell you whether a course is considered appropriate. Do NOT base this decision on rumors from CC. If your well-meaning posters are wrong you are the one who suffers.</p>

<p>If you have choices among several courses that your college say fit the requirements, then it makes sense to think about difficulty of the courses, fit with the rest of your schedule, interest, and MCAT preparation.</p>

<p>Um it's a better option than our pre-med advisor.... who mind you says that we don't need Calc and any physics class fulfills the requirement.. (med schools say take university physics...). Our pre-med advisors also require zoology I have no idea why!!! LOL... oh and when it comes to transferring to a 4-year... lets just say they aren't too well versed in those subjects either... </p>

<p>I figured med applicants on here may have a better idea of whats going on... from a first hand perspective...</p>


<p>That is unfortunate. </p>

<p>I was actually responding to the OP, but in your situation, I agree, the best you can do is seek lots of opinions and hope somewhere you get reliable information. Keep in mind the caution that the details of courses from your college may not match those of the people who respond.</p>

<p>"Um it's a better option than our pre-med advisor....* who mind you says that we don't need Calc and any physics class fulfills the requirement*.. (med schools say take university physics...). *Our pre-med advisors also require zoology I have no idea why!!! *LOL... oh and when it comes to transferring to a 4-year... lets just say they aren't too well versed in those subjects either...</p>

<p>I figured med applicants on here may have a better idea of whats going on... from a first hand perspective... "</p>

<p>Most med school don't require calc ('though it is often recommended) and any full-year college-level physics course (algebra/trig or calc based -- doesn't matter which) will fulfill the physics req't and virtually all US MD & DO schools.</p>

<p>Zoology, while not necessarily the most common way of fulfilling the gen bio prereq, is perfectly acceptable at most med schools. Depending on individual course content it may or may not put you at a disadvantage when it comes to the MCAT BS section. I would wait to take prereqs at a 4 yr anyway, though. Taking prereqs at a CC is rarely a good idea.</p>