Can I take any elective class?

<p>Hi everyone, I'm pretty much done with the IGETC and Pre-reqs and just need some classes to fill up for my 60 units...Can I just take easy A classes? Such as art for example? Would that have any impact on decisions?</p>


<p>i can’t imagine thatd itd hurt…unless you don’t get A’s in those easy classes. also with competition getting tougher each year its probably smart to do what you can to come off as more competitive…getting A’s in traditionally challenging classes would look a ton better.</p>

<p>I took a bunch of art classes. But I’m also an anthropology major. Prehistoric art history actually helped me with my cultural anthropology class. Right now I’m taking photography and ceramics and I enjoy both classes. Got into both UCSD and UCSB so they obviously did not care. I think the best class that I’ve taken so far has been both ceramics and photography. Get all dirty in clay and reenact ‘Ghost’ :wink: processing film is a pain in the ass, but now I have to do them because CVS ****es me off because they always ruin negatives. </p>

<p>You’ll have to be pretty dumb to fail those classes though.</p>