Can I take both sat2 math tests on the same day?

<p>I want to use whichever I score higher on, so is it possible?..</p>


<p>yea, i don't see why not</p>

<p>yes u can.. but do it only if you have taken others like writing and sciences.. most colleges that require SAT II need u to follow a given combination.. (math/science/writing etc.) so taking both IC and IIC is trivial..</p>

<p>Yea, I'm hoping to take it in place of the 640 bio i pulled last may. Very bad score, I know, I don't even know why(4 on ap, a in class) but I won't do any better now so screw it..</p>

<p>Why on earth would you want to do that? Math IIc is supposed to be harder than Math Ic, so I think taking the Math Ic would be redundant, especially if you got a reasonable score on the Math IIc. I'm sure colleges would think the same way.</p>

<p>why would you do this. Its completely redundant and unnecessary</p>

<p>SOme people do really well on Math IIC and not as well on IC and vice versa. Taking both could work!</p>

<p>I'm taking both because for the IC a few mistakes or lack of time to finish can drop me below a 700, while for the IIC I'm in AP Calc right now but I cannot remember long term the concepts required for it, so we'll see how it goes. So really I want to use my IC score but if by chance I do better on IIC and its forgiving curve I'll use that score. </p>

<p>Anyone understand what I'm saying?</p>

<p>I took both because I think I did horribly on the MathIIC as opposed to the Math IC. I had planned to take the lit test, but I guess it was really hard so I'm glad I didn't take it. :)</p>