Can I take classes at two different highschools?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could take classes at different highschools. My ultimate goal is to attend Cal Poly. (junior by the way) I want to complete Cal Poly’s recommended class list, but I currently attend a small private high school and they don’t offer a fourth science or fifth English class. I do however want to graduate from my high school, but could I also attend another public highschool or is this impossible. If it is possible I would take Marine Biology and AP literature. Can someone please inform me if this is possible to do. Thank you all in advance.

You can take classes at your local community college to fulfill the requirements. I don’t know if it’s possible to be enrolled in two colleges.

@Reef2Reefuser‌ talk to your counselor or whoever is in charge of courses about it.
thinking back on my small high school, my school faculty were in discussion of letting my class take a class from a bigger school nearby. I think it is possible if there is an agreement between the 2 schools.

They ended up having students taking courses on an online high school class. Look into partnership or dual enrollment first before this option though.

Thank you both. I will definitely talk to my consular