Can I take classes P/NP for Spring (Fall 2021 Transfer)

Hi all! I was just wondering if I’d be allowed to take classes P/NP next Spring as a prospective Fall 2021 transfer! Taking four classes.

Would it look bad at all on my part? I just figured I’d give myself somewhat of a break by taking P/NP. If I wouldn’t be able to, schools like Berkeley and UCLA usually allow for students to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA right?

Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks!

From the UC website
In light of this, UC has temporarily suspended its cap on Pass/No Pass (Credit/No Credit) units required to enroll at a UC campus as a junior. Any courses taken with Pass/No Pass or Credit/No Credit grading in the winter, spring and summer terms of 2020 will not count toward UC’s limit of 14 semester/21 quarter transferable units.

That said. LA and B are still really selective. A 3.0 isn’t gonna do it at either. Here’s a look at the transfer admit rate and GPA for each UC and major.