Can I Take Gap Year and Apply for Questbridge

Hello everyone.

I am currently a junior in HS and may be graduating this year, which would be early. I’m wondering if next year (fall 2022) if I could still apply for questbridge even though I won’t still be technically in HS, I’d be taking a gap year.

Thank you

Yes, you can apply for QB while on a gap year.

I encourage you to speak with your HS GC, they should be able to help you make sure you are a good QB candidate and you will need their assistance in the fall of your gap year with the admissions process. Ask two teachers for letters of rec this spring, before you graduate. Follow up with them in late summer, so that those are ready to go in September.

Good luck.

Thank you!

Has QB confirmed that gap year students can apply on their website or have you seen it through your own experience?

I have worked with students who have done this…you can send an email to QB to confirm.

One of CC’s best threads ever was from a student who applied to QB on his gap year: Reject Train Going Full Speed

Edited to add: the thread starts in second semester of OP’s senior year…gap year/QB phase starts that fall.