Can I take GE courses in the summer before transferring to CSU Fullerton in the fall?

So, I’m probably going to fail chemistry, which was gonna be 5 units and physical science w/ lab requirement fulfilled. At the beginning of the semester, my counselor said worst case scenario, I can retake it in the summer and I’ll be fine. Can anyone verify if that’s true? I have an exam tomorrow that I don’t feel good about at all. It would be nice to know I have options at the very least. But I just don’t see how I can pass. But I need to make sure it won’t affect my eligibility for transfer to Fullerton. I already accepted their admission, but yeah.

I would definitely call CSUF admissions tomorrow to confirm since an F for in-progress class could be grounds for your acceptance being rescinded regardless if you have fulfilled the Physical science requirement. No one on CC can tell you what will happen to your acceptance except CSU Fullerton.

Well it would be a W, not an F, but yeah that makes sense